Soft Tissue Enhancements


Soft Tissue Enhancement is achieved through the use of dermal fillers, which work by replacing the volume lost by the reducing hyaluronic acid and fatty tissue in the skin. they significantly improve skin tone, improve hydration and laxity and rejuvenate tired looking skin. Dermal filler treatments are used to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and to rejuvenate areas of the face. We use a selection of HA fillers from the Juvederm range to redefine the face, soften and smooth away the effects of age and lifestyle, and to reshape the way you feel about yourself.

We use dermal fillers to treat naso-labial lines, to give volume, reshape or redefine the lips, to soften peri-oral lines (smokers lines) and marionette lines, which significantly reduces the signs of ageing. We also treat the mid face and cheeks, adding volume and skin rejuvenation as well as contouring to these areas. This adds a wonderfully natural more youthful appearance to the mid face areas. We can also offer hand rejuvenation and scar reduction



Price List

Prices dependent on individual requirements, areas treated and product used.
Consultation (paid at time of consultation, non refundable, but deducted from initial treatment)from £30
Naso-Labial/Marionette linesfrom £320
Lip Augmentation (Per 1 ml Syringe)from £330
Mid Face/Cheeks (Per 1 ml Syringe)from £330
Handsfrom £500
Adjustment (upon R/V consultation only)from £180
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