As we begin the countdown to the unveiling of our silky-smooth natural skin exfoliator, I thought I’d let you into a little secret… our magical ingredient, silk noil!

Silk noil is the poor relation in the silk family, often referred to as ‘raw silk’. It has a wonderful nubby feel, has a matt surface and resembles cotton in its texture. It’s an incredibly versatile fabric, which is harvested from the silk waste of the spun processes, giving it its unique and naturally beautiful fibre variation.

So, what makes this the magical ingredient in exfoliation? Where to start… well firstly, this silk is covered in sericin, a protein that is produced by the silkworm when spinning the cocoon. Excellent in absorbing and releasing moisture, sericin is smooth and gentle on the skin. Skincare material that’s made from pure sericin is less irritant and gentle on delicate or problem skin. Sericin binds to the keratin of the skin, forming a protective, antibacterial and antimicrobial film. This makes it especially good for those that suffer with eczema, dry skin, or acne.

All in all, a natural wonder! We hope you’ll agree that this naturally gentle and environmentally friendly exfoliator will leave your skin healthy, smooth, soft and glowing with natural beauty.


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