My approach and perspective on aesthetics has always been different. From the beginning, I found myself in the role of an aesthetics Counselor, realising the importance of the truly holistic approach when consulting a client on aesthetic treatments. It is our consultation technique that carries probably the most significance for our clients as they begin their aesthetic journey.

Our clinic sofa provides the relaxing, tranquil and comforting environment in which clients open up about their concerns, which most commonly are centered around how they look (to others), but more importantly, how they feel among others. A lot of our work in aesthetics is aimed at addressing this concern by guiding and supporting our clients in changing their perspective on themselves. After all, beauty is only ever what you (the client) see it to be, what you feel it to be, your perspective on yourself and the life you live within.

We integrate these concepts into our uniquely designed treatment plans, tailoring each one to the specific needs of each individual. For us, aesthetics is about understanding what it really is a client would like to achieve, the root causes of these feelings, and of course the anatomical causes of ageing; combined to achieve a result that doesn’t just look good but feels good. Aesthetics is all about looking at what already exists, looking at existing beauty and then naturally and gently bringing it to the forefront, allowing you to shine. It should be inspiring, make you smile, make you feel good, and ultimately it should enhance your life. Understanding what it is that makes you feel happy and confident and beautiful is an important lesson. In the end, the treatment plan we develop with you is designed to make you feel good, because if you feel good, you look good.

Book a consultation with us to discover how our approach to aesthetics is designed around your health, mindset and well-being, to create a natural and more confident you.


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